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The Collier Memorial State Park
Published On April 15, 2017

April 15, 2017

The Collier Memorial State Park is a beautiful state park and historic museum located approximately 30 miles north of Klamath Falls just off Highway 97, which is definitely worth checking out if you are visiting the area. The large expanse of land can provide you and your family a great time to spend together outdoors offering hiking trails for those who enjoy hiking, and many other exceptional park facilities. The Park’s museum is also a great place to explore where you will discover the history of one of the top logging regions in the country and explore historic logging equipment.

About Collier Memorial State Park

Collier Memorial State Park was established when two brothers, Alfred and Andrew Collier donated about 146 acres of land to the state of Oregon in 1945. The Park was built in memory of their late parents, Charles and Janet Collier. Collier Memorial State Park offers visitors so much to do. It has well-developed facilities for picnics and general outdoor recreation. Visitors can hike, fish, camp, or go picnic in the park. There are hiking trails in the surrounding forest, and around the park where you can enjoy famed Oregon conifer forest, which has countless Ponderosa Pines and lodgepole pines. There is also a popular horse trail that goes from the Collier State Park down to the Jackson F. Kimball State Recreation Park. Collier State Park is well equipped with modern restroom facilities with hot showers, and a range of facilities. If you are thinking of camping, the park is open to campers from April to October, so you can schedule your camping at that time. Bookings of campsites are usually on a first come first serve basis. Instead, we recommend that you stay with us at Quality Inn Klamath Falls and make the short trek to The Park.

Collier Memorial State Park also features a museum – “The Collier Logging Museum”. This museum is an outdoor museum that has a large collection of historic logging equipment on display. Its collections are dated back to the 1880s. Some of its collections include ox-drawn high wheels, steam-powered donkey engines, steam tractors and lots more. One of its most modern exhibits from the logging collections is a harvester that is on display–a Beloit tree harvester. Note that this is a rugged part of the Cascades and significant snowfall may result in facility closures in the winter.

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