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Outdoor Recreation Opportunities in Klamath Falls
Published On April 15, 2018

April 15, 2018

Outdoor activities in Klamath Falls

Moore Park is located at the south end of upper Klamath Falls. This park is a town jewel seated across from the north end of the Link River Trail. The park features many fun things for families to enjoy; with open play areas, tennis courts, soccer fields, large picnic areas, barbeque pits, camp areas, extensive hiking trails, and much more for a full day of fun. Moore Park is good for the community, as many companies utilize it for events such as soccer games, company picnics, scouting events, and much more. 

ROE, or the Real Oregon Experience, is an outstanding program for you and your family to experience. ROE is an ideal way to adventure across southern Oregon. You can take adventures on lakes, and rivers and you can venture through fields and forests. ROE has proudly served families since 1984.  If you love fishing, ROE is the perfect program for you. With the abundant rivers and lakes around southern Oregon, and impressive fish like the large native trout. southern Oregon has been home to touring fly fishing for over 30 years, and the staff at ROE love to train passionate beginners. ROE also offers traditional fishing for people who want to catch steelhead and salmon. 

Additionally, ROE offers Kayaking, as many people enjoy cruising along the slow-moving spring creeks and witnessing nature at its finest. If you aren’t a fan of kayaking, they also offer stand up paddle boarding. While you’re taking a great aquatic adventure, you’ll get to experience first hand the beautiful marshes, mountains, meadows, forests, and open lakes. During the fall and spring, millions of ducks, swans, and geese start their migration and stop at the basin to feed before they take off for their final flight to the north.

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