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Explore The OC&E Woods Line State Trail
Published On September 15, 2017

September 15, 2017

The OC&E Woods Line State Trail is located in Lake County and Klamath County. The rail trail in Oregon is also the longest park in the state. The trail follows the exact route of railroads connecting Klamath Falls and Thompson Reservoir. OC&E stands for Oregon, California and Eastern railroad. The trail also follows the route of Weyerhaeuser railroad. The trail is 105 miles long and covers parts of Olene, Dairy, Sprague River, Bly and Beatty.

About OC&E Woods Line State Trail

There are different sections of the trail and not all of them are as easily accessible. For instance, the OC&E Woods Line State Trail starting from Klamath Falls up to Olene is paved. This section forms only 8 miles of the entire trail. Once you hike further and go beyond Olene, the woods trail is compacted and graded. Avid hikers, mountain bikers, anglers, wildlife enthusiasts and equestrians prefer the graded and compacted stretch of the trail, also because of the gentle slope.

The OC&E railroad, aka Klamath Municipal Railway, dates back to 1923, although development had started in 1917. The railroad was expanded to Bly in 1927. The railroad recorded its peak activity during the seventies. By mid eighties, the OC&E railroad was not cost effective enough to be viable for the logging industry. The railroad was decommissioned in 1990.

The OC&E Woods Line State Trail is perfect for cycling or walking, horse riding and jogging. The forested and agricultural areas, the ranch lands and rivers offer a pleasant setting. It is an outdoor haven recording a footfall of more than a hundred and thirty thousand visitors in a year, including locals and tourists. The trail connects eight communities, many suburban areas and five schools in Klamath Falls.

You should plan your hike so you can conveniently take any of the exits. Fortunately, there are plenty of intersections that can easily take you off the trail and you can find coffee shops or restaurants. You should equip yourself with the necessary information and map so you don’t tread farther than you want given the time you have at your disposal.

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